GCCYL Season Information
Season Starts: Weekend of 8/25/17
Season Ends: Weekend of 10/20/17
GCCYL Tourney (YOUTH): Weekend of 10/26/17

GCCYL Tourney (VARSITY): Weekend of 10/26/17

Please take a moment to review our updated Uniform Policy.

Open to all active parishioners grades 3 through 8 who regularly attend religious education classes (including Catholic School, CFP, etc.)  Registration is held in March and April.

Teams below 6th Grade are made to be equal in strength; teams starting at 6th Grade are made up of peers (with regard to volleyball skills).  To accomplish this team construction, evaluations are held for all grades.  Evaluations generally occur in May.
During the season your team may play in one to three "extra" tournaments for which Saint Susanna Boosters typically pays for the first two. 
Practices are usually at St. Susanna, Courts 4 Sports or Sports Express for 2-3 hours per week (this may be divided into 2 sessions or done as one session).  Players/Parents unfortunately have no ability to request practice logistics. 

Our Goals:    Grow the players love for the sport of volleyball, teach the fundamentals and reinforce the importance of our faith in all we do.
Always looking for good coaches!  
Contact Erin Spidare (Grades 3-5)
Contact Linda Pitzer (Grades 6-8)

New Volleyball Antennas Set-up info:
We have new volleyball antennas which should be much easier to setup and take down then the previous versions.  The new antennas Velcro to the net.  Below a link to a YouTube video of how to install.  Since we don’t typically use for practice, I have placed one set on the shelves directly to your right when you go into the equipment room.  The same shelves where the hoop and screen key is kept.  On tear down, please put the top antenna segment into the sleeve and put back on the shelf. Please do not remove the carabineer clips, they should stay on the nets, also, please don’t tie any more knots in the ropes, these are interfering when the teams need to  adjust the net height. When raising and lowering the nets, you should only need to loosen the black side ropes and  the crank to lower the net, raise the poles, tighten the crank and slide the net into position, then tighten the black side ropes.  You should not need to adjust the rope on the non-crank side (or add knots).
Volleyball Documents

Volleyball Placement Process
Volleyball FAQ's
Volleyball net set-up/tear down procedures (pdf)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 1-Blocking/Hitting (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 2-Passing (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 3-Serving (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 4-Setters (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 5-Conditioning (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 6-Defense (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook Drills 7-Offense (PDF)
Volleyball Handbook (PDF)

8th Grade

Guardian Angels

Tournament Champs